March 2018 Focus: INVITATIONS-‘Season of Lent series’

High Praise Church | Subang Jaya Church

Discipleship Ministry

Our goal of the discipleship ministry is to help new believers in Jesus Christ grow into mature, fruitful and adult believers. Our training offers the spiritual growth opportunities for those who have committed their lives to Jesus, but have never been involved in a regular disciplined study of God's word.

Discipleship training is focused on understanding the following twelve central concepts:

•  Assurance of salvation
•  The scope and significance of salvation
•  The filling of the Holy Spirit
•  Our identity in Christ
•  Fellowship
•  The Word of God
•  Prayer
•  Witnessing
•  Spiritual Warfare
•  Time Management
•  Vision

An Opportunity To Serve

If you are a mature Christian who knows the importance of being firmly rooted and grounded in the fundamental truths of Christianity, then you might be a great discipler.. Jesus told us, "Go and make disciples of all nations...teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you." (Matt 28:19,20)
Should you require further information, please contact Pastor Alvin Tan or Pastor Albert Kang

New Creation (Foundational Studies) under Nurture ministry is coordinated by Deacon Sam Chai

P.S.A.L.M (Praise School of Adult Lay Ministry)is  facilitated by Miranda Wee. Classes like Old Testament & New Testament Surveys will be arranged from time to time and taught by Michael Hughes.
Guest Teachers will be teaching special workshops as arranged.

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