March 2018 Focus: INVITATIONS-‘Season of Lent series’

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Delta Multiplication Model

A Multiplication Model

* Cell attendance is expected from everyone in the church.
* When the Delta member converts into a Delta leader, he continues to meet with his original Delta leader, either in the original Delta cell group or in a separate discipleship meeting.
* Each member of the group is asked to start his own cell - either separately or with one to six others of the original Delta Cell

Original Cell Remains Intact

* You have the option to keep your Original Cell intact so that all the original members get to form strong relationships.
* Your Original Cell will meet once a fortnight and your Outreach Cell will meet once a fortnight too.
* Because of the alternating system, you are able to attend both Cells without having to take an extra night out every week.

Each Outreach Cell Seeks Twelve Disciples

* The purpose of Delta Cell System is for each Outreach Cell to win 12 new converts.
* Once the Cell develops, the Delta leader trains and releases the members to form their own cells.
* The Delta model facilitates the growth of the cells, the training of new leaders and maintains unity within the church.

High Level of Mentoring

* It promotes the opportunity for everyone to realise their leadership potential and take their place in the priesthood of all believers.
* Everyone continues to receive encouragement, teaching and a high level of mentoring in their original group of 12.
* And, in turn, they minister in the cell they have built.

Delta Leadership Training

* Delta leadership training is given top priority. Although the length and type of training varied from time to time, all were compelled to find, train, and release new leadership as quickly and efficiently as possible.
* The declared goal of the Living Word Fellowship is to transform every new convert into a dynamic Delta cell leader.

Encounter Weekend

* In our church, leadership training involves a two-day spiritual retreat known as Encounter Weekend
* In the Encounter Weekend everyone is encouraged to encounter the presence of God.
* There is core twelve-week cell leader-training course which will include learning about basic Bible doctrines and leadership methods.

Celebration Service

* The Delta Cell Ministry is linked to our celebration services.
* In other words, precaution was taken to guarantee that individual Delta Cells shared the same vision and philosophy as the mother church.
* To assure this continuity, the Delta leaders share the pastor's vision with the Delta members

Frontline Warriors

* Our Delta leaders are our Frontline Warriors and we must provide them with adequate training and also spiritual ammunition to take on the forces of darkness.
* With this approach, nothing can stop the indomitable dream of growth at High Praise Fellowship.

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