March 2018 Focus: INVITATIONS-‘Season of Lent series’

High Praise Church | Subang Jaya Church

How To Be Saved

Dear Lord Jesus,

I know that I have sinned in my thoughts, words and actions. I confess my sin before you. I confess that I have chosen to live this life in my own way, I confess Lord, that I have strayed from your ways and failed to obey You and Your Word. Please forgive me of all my sins and mistakes. Jesus, I know that you have died on the cross on my behalf and on the third day, you rose again. Gratefully I give my life back to You. Now I ask You to come into my life. Come in as my Saviour to cleanse me, come in as my Lord to control me, come in as my Friend to be with me, and by Your grace, I will serve You all the remaining years of my life in complete obedience, In Jesus's name, I pray.

Amen !

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